Italia Glass Mosaic and Piccolo Tiles

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Italia Glass Mosaic

ITALIA glass mosaic is manufactured at Kaiyal (50 kms north of Ahmedabad city), Gujarat, India. The mosaic production is carried out using state-of-the-art current generation Italian knowhow, plants and machineries. The superior grade virgin glass producing raw materials are melted in Glass Furnace at 1400˚C and high quality glass mosaics are produced through fusion technology. Our production standard complies the specification as per International Standards, applicable to impervious glass mosaic.


Piccolo Tiles

Piccolo is an impressive and colourful range of porcelain mosaics, produced for floor and wall coverings, suitable for interiors and exteriors. This professionally crafted porcelain mosaic gets value addition by Italian state-of-the-art fully automated manufacturing facilities. Piccolo range of porcelain mosaics allows the designer an unbelievable, first of its kind, palette of colors and textures creating stunning visual effects. With 5 sizes, 6 looks: Silk with satin effect, Velvet with gloss effect, Moire with cloudy effect, Denim with shading effect, Crepe with crackle effect, Jute with grip effect, Piccolo offers as high as 771 options to explore!

Piccolo porcelain mosaics bring new AQUA collection with beautiful colours & finishes for swimming pools & water bodies. AQUA Collection of piccolo offers 231 options in 5 looks. With this new AQUA collection you can implement creative ideas to beautify your Swimming pool, Bathroom, Spa, Jacuzzi etc. In addition to AQUA collection piccolo also introduced Jute to gives grip effect on floors. Piccolo mosaic has an added advantage of porcelain body having less than < .5% water absorption, 8 mm thickness for better strength.